Cobra Suspension is renowned as one of the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of premium lowering and race springs including sport suspension for race cars, street cars, WRC and Formula 1 cars. We use only the highest quality materials and machinery available for manufacturing. With these two elements paired with the vast knowledge and experience we have gathered in the past 60 years, these springs are definitely what everyone is waiting for!

ISO 9001 Certified Cold Wound

Shot Peened

Powder Coated

Cobra Suspension  Springs are  produced in an ISO 9001 certified facility. Our quality management system guarantees the highest quality in demands, procedures, work instructions, and quality checks and assurances.

Majority of our springs are cold wound on the latest Wafios coiling machines. Cold winding allows for the springs to be produced with higher strength metals, use thinner wires, coil the springs for more stroke and reduce weight. 

 Racing springs are ground and all cold wound springs are shot peened to strengthen and relieve the stress on the coiled wire.


 Cobra Suspension springs are powdered coated using the latest powder coating standards to provide longevity and protection from the harshest elements.