About Us

Cobra Suspension is represented as one of the leading manufacturers of sport suspension in Europe and now we are bringing them to you in North America! Cobra Suspension has more than 60 years experience in industrial spring manufacturing and 30 years of experience with the development of sport suspension for race and street cars including springs for some WRC and Formula 1 cars.

Cobra Suspension started out in the early 1980’s with Race teams in the Dutch Touring Car Championship like BMW E30 and Mercedes W201. The focus in the 1980’s was primarily based on development of sport suspension for race cars, tuners and special projects for car distributors.

In 1995 Cobra Suspension specialists teamed up Holland’s leading spring factory and formed Cobra Suspension. Their business to develop a complete range of high quality lowering springs and shock absorbers was to become one of the leading names in the European market for sport suspension.

The technology which Cobra Suspension employs to develop cutting edge suspension systems for race car applications, is the very same as used to develop innovative suspension components for street cars. With one of the biggest line-up of products in the industry, Cobra Suspension is equally committed to street cars as well as amateur racing cars and top level sport cars.

Cobra Suspension products are tested under the most extreme conditions and we use these results for further development of superior sport suspension for your car on the street. Our flexible production facility enables us to convert technical requirements in high performance motor racing technology. In addition to the finest quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, Cobra Suspension is proud to be able to remain flexible in product development and production. Cobra Suspension lowering springs not only give your car that “racing” look, they also improve the handling of your car during fast cornering, acceleration and braking for the most ultimate demands, a perfectly balanced handling of your car in every situation.

Cobra Suspension isn’t just a simple manufacturer, it is a company which stands for quality, service and innovative developments. Cobra Suspension's factory is ISO 9001 certified. In addition to our own ongoing quality control our products also fulfill the highest quality standards of certifying organizations. Nearly all the products that leave our warehouse bear all the necessary certificates. We only want to be certain you buy the best…