Concept of the EVO I coilovers

With Cobra Suspension EVO I coilovers, we not only improve the looks, but also the driving characteristics of your vehicle. This goes a step further than just replacing the original springs. With our EVO I coilovers, we enable the driver to adjust not only the looks, but also the balance of the car by fine-tuning the weight distribution. By fine-tuning your vehicle, you can make great strides in the character of your suspension and your car.

Specifications of Cobra Suspension EVO I

• Twin-tube shock absorber design
• Adjusted for comfort on the street
• Height adjustable from 30-80mm
• Aluminium adjusting rings
• Perfect for everyday use
• Note: TUV applications are silver with red springs

Cobra Suspension EVO I Coilovers

The coilover springs from Cobra Suspension are made of Chrome-Silicon spring steel with an extra high tensile strength, sourced from European manufactures. The shock absorbers are produced with specifications that meet the highest standards in the market. We translate our knowledge in F1, Rally, Dakar, Le Mans and other sports into a perfect setup for the street. This offers a sporty driving experience but sufficient comfort for daily use.

Character of Cobra Suspension EVO I

• Developed for plug and play use
• Comfortable suspension and damping
• Fits OEM top bearings
• Lovely for sportive use
• Fine setup for highway

With the Cobra Suspension EVO I coilovers we aim for perfect balance. We have chosen a very fine setting that is comparable to the middle setting on our high-end EVO III and R dampers. The EVO I will therefore give you the best of both worlds so you can use the car comfortably on the highway every day, but get a lot of feedback when cornering. This creates a mature but sporty feeling in the car that many other coilovers can't match.