Lowering Springs

Concept of Lowering Springs

Lowering springs not only improve the looks of your car, but also its handling by limiting the roll of the chassis. With Cobra Suspension lowering springs, we focus on an OE comfort character, but combined with the driving characteristics you can expect from lowering springs. Thanks to the lowered center of gravity, the car feels more direct and you have more feeling with the road.


Character of Cobra Suspension Lowering Springs

• We strive for a comfortable character for daily use
• Cobra Suspension improves the looks of your car by lowering
• We design lowering springs without compromise on safety
• Lowering springs lower the centre of gravity for improved driving characteristics
• Reduction between 20 and 60mm
• Nearly 4000 applications


Cobra Suspension Lowering Springs

Cobra Suspension lowering springs are made of Chrome-Silicon springsteel with an extra high tensile strength, sourced from European manufactures. The lowering springs are "cold" wound with CNC controlled coiling-machines, then heat treated and shot-peened for an extra durability. All springs receive an anti-corrosion treatment and are then powder coated for a nice and long lasting corrosion resistant protection.


Why Cobra Suspension?

With Cobra Suspension lowering springs, we strive for a comfortable character that makes the car enjoyable to use on a daily basis. We always put the safety of the driver and the predictability of the suspension first during the design process. In addition, the springs are always designed according to the highest TÜV standards. With these high standards you as a driver can rely on a good product. The entire range of lowering springs is 100% Made in Holland and therefore meet all the quality standards we are accustomed to.


How does it drive?

With Cobra Suspension we focus as much as possible on comfort and maintaining a useful daily character. The springs have been developed and tested on the original dampers and are therefore a perfect fit for this application. This gives you the best combination of lowering and performance. The reviews on our products are very positive and compared to the competition we provide more control over bumps.


Progressive Springs

Cobra Suspension uses the manufacturer's original design as our reference design. In most cases, the original springs of a modern car already have a progressive effect. We optimize this design even further when lowering a car. In some cases, we choose to give a spring two spring rates, a so-called 'dual-rate'. These are actually two linear springs, which, in addition to the original progressive effect of the original spring, work separately from each other. You can read exactly how this works in the article here

Lifetime Warranty

At Cobra Suspension, we rely on our quality and give a lifetime guarantee against breakage of the springs. Should a spring break, then we will send you a new one as soon as possible. Send us a message via our contact us page and ask for the conditions.