Spring Development

At Cobra Suspension, we are constantly innovating and being the forefront of anything springs and are continuously looking to develop springs for new vehicle applications.

What's in it for you? Final set of springs will be installed onto your car and alignment performed at no cost to you as an appreciation of your time. 


(1) Vehicle must have stock suspension and wheels and not have been in an accident for accurate measurement.
(2) Vehicle must be clean with minimal to no blemishes.
(3) Must be able to travel to and from our shop location in Santa Clara, CA. 
(4) Must be able to commit to 2-4 visits during the development and testing period.
(First visit will be a half-day for initial measurements. The second visit will be 3-4 days. If a third visit is required, we will let you know.) 
(5) Must allow us to use your VIN to purchase OE springs for development comparison and testing. 

*If you are unable to make subsequent visits for any reason, please let us know and we will contact the next volunteer to finish development. We will still offer you 20% off a set of these springs when the final product is released. 


  • 2022 BMW 440i  RWD 

If you own one of these vehicles, meet the criteria, and are interested in participating in our R&D session, Contact us through the form below.

*Only completed forms with full name will be considered.