Audi A4 Limousine 2WD SEDAN B6/B7/8E (11/2000 - 2007) - EVO I Coilovers

Audi A4 Limousine 2WD SEDAN B6/B7/8E (11/2000 - 2007) - EVO I Coilovers

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Model/Chassis: A4 LIMOUSINE (2WD) SEDAN

Engine: 1.6 / 1.8T / 2.0 / FSi / TFSi / 2.4 / 3.0 / 1.9TDi / 2.0TDi / 2.5TDi excl. Quattro / height adj. / Sport

Year: 11/2000 - 2007

FR (MM): 30-65

RR (MM): 40-65

Part Number: SF120701


With Cobra Suspension EVO I coilovers, we not only improve the looks, but also the driving characteristics of your vehicle. This goes a step further than just replacing the original springs. With our EVO I coilovers, we enable the driver to adjust not only the looks, but also the balance of the car by fine-tuning the weight distribution. By fine-tuning your vehicle, you can make great strides in the character of your suspension and your car.

Specifications of Cobra Suspension EVO I

• Twin-tube shock absorber design
• Adjusted for comfort on the street
• Height adjustable from 30-80mm
• Aluminum adjusting rings
• Perfect for everyday use
• Note: TUV applications are silver with red springs

Character of Cobra Suspension EVO I

• Developed for plug and play use
• Comfortable suspension and damping
• Fits OEM top bearings
• Lovely for sportive use
• Fine setup for highway

With the Cobra Suspension EVO I coilovers we aim for perfect balance. We have chosen a very fine setting that is comparable to the middle setting on our high-end EVO III and R dampers. The EVO I will therefore give you the best of both worlds so you can use the car comfortably on the highway every day, but get a lot of feedback when cornering. This creates a mature but sporty feeling in the car that many other coilovers can't match.