(NEW RELEASE) BMW 4 GRAN COUPE M440i xDRIVE (G26) - Lowering Springs

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MODEL: 4 gran coupe [G26]

PRODUCT: springs


YEAR: 07/2021 - 


30mm F 30mm R PART NUMBER  01.4311
40mm F 40mm R PART NUMBER  01.4310

NOTE: Not suitable for 2WD (Two-Wheel Drive) cars
          About 10mm less lowering for vehicles with M-sport suspension
          About 10mm less lowering for vehicles with Adaptive M-sport suspension


Cobra Suspension has more than 30 years of experience in the development and production of replacement springs and lowering springs. As a result, our lowering springs improve the handling of your car while maintaining safety and driving quality. By optimising the design of the original spring and lowering the center of gravity of the car, the performance and appearance of your car will improve. We apply progressive elements in the design, therefore Cobra Suspension lowering springs can significantly improve the handling of your car while maintaining driving comfort. Our DNA lays in combining this comfortable ride with a sporty character by analyzing the original character of the springs and ride. The vehicle remains comfortable for daily use while giving you better looks and handling.


For more information about Cobra Suspension, visit our About Us page!

*Photo shown is 40mm F / 40mm R for reference.